What’s Best in Batangas, Philippines

If you happen to be in Batangas, never forget to experience what it’s like to be pampered in their world-class hotels. The best hotels to stay are at the Luks Lofts Hotel & Residences, Pontefino Hotel and Residences, SM Travelodge and many more.

You can choose from its many resorts too, not just to pamper your body but to fill your eyes and soul with Batangas’ many beautiful resorts and spas.  Come visit the Vivere Azure, where the beach is clean and the sea water’s calming. If you’re tired of the beach you can go inside and take a dip in their pool, which overlooks the azure sea waters. Or choose the La Luz Beach Resort, one of the most famous beach resorts in Batangas, where the amenities are complete and staff ever-ready to give in to your every whim.

If you want a beach resort with a spa to pamper your tired feet or the entire body, then head to Canyon Cove Hotel & Spa where the beach is just a few steps away and the pool, so clean and relaxing.

But if you’re tired of the beaches, then there are mountain resorts here, too, which can give the feelings of serenity and calmness amidst the bustling and hustling life in the metropolis.

First that should be in your itinerary is to visit the Taal Lake and Volcano, one of the most famous sites in Batangas, where the picturesque sceneries give you a romantic feeling even if  Batangas Bestyou are “single”.

You can even visit the peak of Taal volcano, that is if you enjoy horseback riding because going there can only be by a horse.

Or you can go sailing in Taal Lake through boat-renting.

Be mesmerized as well in Batangas’ Villa Escudero, where you can dine in a restaurant IN the waterfalls, literally. Picture this, having lunch with your loved one with the sound of water flowing at your side from the waterfalls.

Or you can go fishing here too. Other best fishing sites for tourists in Batangas are in Talisay and in Laiya.

If you are more adventurous, then go scuba diving at Halo Anilao Dive Resort, Summer Cruise and Diving Resort, and the Unlimited Diving resort. Here, fill your eyes with amazing seawater creatures beneath.

But if you are fond of theme parks, then the La Virginia Resort is best for you.

So grab now your backpack and head to Batangas NOW!


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