What’s best in Baguio City, Philippines

Baguio City is touted to be the summer capital of the Philippines. When you come and visit Baguio, there are no greater resorts and places of accommodations than in The Manor, inside the Camp John Hay, Bloomfield Hotel, Siera Pines Baguio and many others.

If you have this thing about scary places, like me, then there are a lot of places like those here in Baguio City. And one of the most notorious of all is the Diplomat Hotel where, if you’re lucky, you can meet (and even greet :-D) the headless priest. And if ghosts and spirits are your fancies, then head to the Teachers Camp or the Laperal White House lol.

There are also museums that are worth a visit here, and one of those is the house of one of our national heroes, the first Philippine President, Emilio F. Aguinaldo. Here you can see the Philippine’s first flag and relics of the country’s history. You can also visit the Baguio Museum where you can see the native artifacts, like Igorots’ costumes and their farming and hunting tools.

Strawberry picking is such an awesome breather from one’s hectic life, so Baguio is really the place to be since it has the Strawberry Farm where you can pick fresh strawberries for a price.

Flowers too can take your breath away, so head to Baguio’s largest flower farm, the Bahong Flower Farm in Benguet, Baguio City. Or you can also see the places of Kapangan, Kibungan, Atok, Tublay and Buguias, all in Baguio City for the flowers that are unpicked.

And before you go home, never forget to come by in Baguio’s largest souvenir and gift stores, the Baguio City’s Public Market. Here you can buy all sorts of souvenirs and gifts, from food to things usable to things that are senseless.

Have you heard about Sundot Kulangot, a food similar to a rice cake, but very tiny you need to scrape it with a stick from its tiny shell? Yes, it seems weird and tough just to eat it but the taste and the experience are enough to vanish the hardship you’ve done.

And because Baguio is home to fresh strawberries in the Philippines, never miss going out of the city without strawberry jams and preserves. Try the Lengua de Gato too, a light but sweet cookie-like food. And if you’re fond of yam or ube, then try the Ube Jam of Baguio too.

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Baguio City, Philippines

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