Things To Do When Trapped in a Place New to You

Trapped in a place new to you? And instead of having fun, what you had was a nightmare?

Here we will give you tips on what to do when lost or trapped in a new place.

  1. Never, ever panic.

Panicking is the most useless yet the most dangerous emotion to bear when you’re lost. This can hinder you to think clearly and plan sensibly your next move.

  1. Try to contact any of your friends, family, or even your embassy if you’re in another country.

Nothing beats the comfort than hearing a familiar voice of your family or friend when you’re lost in a new place. So always bring your fully-charged phone with you wherever you are. If not for the voice call, at least it will help anybody to locate you with the GPS you have on your mobile phone.

  1. If there are people in that place, then for Pete’s sake ask for direction.

For me, you will never get lost even if you’re new to a place if you just knew how to ask for directions. My father always told me never be afraid or shy to ask for directions. This may save your life in the future.

  1. Find a landmark

You won’t get anywhere even if you can call through your phone for somebody to help you find your way through. So observe and try to look for practically anything: signs, symbols, landmark. These are very helpful for the search team to find you or for them to help you find your way back.

  1. Stay put

If you feel you are lost, never try to navigate deeper into the maze. Don’t make it harder for your search party to locate you. Instead, stay put. And if ever you can recall what road and what street you have been, then the better. You can use those informations when the search party will contact you.

trapped in unfamiliar place


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