Sipalay the Hidden Treasure of the Philippines

Sipalay is a small city in southern part of Negros Occidental Philippines that was once the location of Maricalum Mining Company but now it becomes tourist attraction.

That was the very first time that we’ve been in Sipalay we were all excited.We traveled 240.9 kilometers from our point of origin riding in our motorbike. We passes places such as Bacolod City, Bago, Pulupandan, Valladolid, San Enrique, Hinigaran, Himamaylan Binalbagan, Kabankalan, Cauyan and finally arrived Sipalay around 10 am. When we approached the city immediately we notice the newly built Sipalay City Hall so we dropped and took pictures. The tourism officer of the city entertained us and was even offered a snacks by the city administrator.

After we pay visit to the city hall we proceeded to the hotel in Punta Ballo that we booked a week ago. Although it was not as good as we expected but reasonable to the price we paid.  We’re all tired that was a long journey indeed but when I walked further to the shore this is what I saw.

white sand crystal clear water

I feel so relaxed! It’s amazingly beautiful! I breathe fresh air and walked in the white sand without any hat I never felt the heat of the sun anyway.  The scenery I saw was overwhelming. I wanted to immediately go to the clear water but the voice of a woman saying “Would you like to buy some fish for lunch?” stops me. I looked back and saw her holding a big fresh fish. I asked her how much she answered 250 pesos.  Wow that was so cheap! Everybody enjoyed our lunch that day and the rest of the day was a history

Day 2

As early as 6am all of us are already ready for island hopping. After we sipped a cup of coffee we packed up our foods and brought it to the motorboat. We need to go there early so that we can go to many islands. The first stop was “Maasim Cave”, not the usual cave that is underground this cave is just a sort of opening that passes through the other side but has stalactites and stalagmites too.

Sipalay Cave

Next stop was in the fish sanctuary, here we found corrals and different species of fish. Every time we throw food in the water fishes of different colors and sizes comes that was so amazing. I love to watch them swim. Others go down to the water and snorkel how I wish I could. Third stop was in Campomanes Bay, there we can find souvenir items being sold by some natives along the shore. We roam around a little and found Bugana Beach Resort. After picture-taking we decided to packed up and return to our hotel for lunch.

island hopping Sipalay

The afternoon of the same day was really packed of fun and adventure. We visited Tinagong Dagat Resort in which we need to cross the bridge from the main island to other island. In that small island we climb up the hill to view the beautiful Tinagong Dagat (hidden sea).

tinagong dagat sipalay

Unfortunately it rained when we were on top of the hill so we were not able to take a lot of pictures and when the rain stopped we decided to go ahead to our next itinerary. We go to the forbidden mining site but while we were on our way the heavy rain falls again. It did not stops us anyway. Riding in our motorbike we visited the mining site wet. We can’t clearly view the area due to fog and rain but we have talked to some natives that explained to us how  operation of mining company before was. It was interesting story that we don’t mind the cold. We went back to the hotel and the rain stopped that was really fun. We went home the next day with a smile and lot of memories.



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