Mevo Live Event Camera for iOS devices with iOS 9 or higher

How my Live Event Camera for iOS helped me

I’m having your summer frolic under the sun with the beautiful sceneries of the beach. I am  videoing it in my iPhone and want to share it with my other friends or prospected clients so that they will be enticed to come to this resort. But wait, I have overlooked the garbage thrown by one of your visitors! How would I livestream this video to my friend sans that garbage!?

I just got lucky that I have with me my Live Event Camera for iOS!

Anywhere, anytime I can edit or cut scenes which you don’t want other people to see in my“perfect” video and livestream it to my friends and tourists. What’s best is you can actually input your favorite background music or sound to your video because this camera has plugin external audio ability. So you can make an awesome, dramatic video of yourself in your own resort and livestream it through Livestream, Facebook Live, or even Twitter with the use of Wi-Fi or LTE! And that’s not all!This gadget is very simple to use and very convenient to bring wherever you are! Now, that’s how to bring your video to the next level!

Mevo – Live Event Camera for iOS devices with iOS 9 or higher, (Black)

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