Dive Gear Roller Duffle Bag

Dive gear roller duffle bag are really convenient for travelling. I love how they are very easy to carry and can double as baggage or just a hand-carry luggage, depending on the size and volume of what you are going to contain.

But when I tried this dive gear roller duffle bag when I went to Apo Island which has best diving spot, I felt in love even more with this duffle bag! Who wouldn’t be?! This bag, aside from its water resistant feature, is built in with a roller that has heavy duty and smooth gliding wheels. So when I get tired of hand carrying it, no worries! I just roll it over and grab its handle and let it glide with its wheels. Isn’t that pretty great!

But most of the times when I travel aboard a plane, I love its other handle that lets me carry it on my shoulder. It’s very comfortable for me, especially during the times when everyone seems in frantic of getting their seats inside the airplane.

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