Apo Island Marine Sanctuary Dumaguete City

Apo Island Marine Sanctuary- Dumaguete City, Philippines is located about 30 minutes motorboat ride from Zamboangita- a town at the southern part of Dumaguete is the home of more than two thirds of the world known coral species and one of the best dive spots in the world.

Apo Island Marine Sanctuary

Apo Island, Dumaguete City Philippines

How to go there?

Take an hour flight from Manila to Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental. If you are backpackers and love adventure commuting in a bus from Dumaguete to town of Bayawan is a bit exciting but wait you must tell the bus driver that you will get off in Malatapay Market Zamboanguita as it passes there going to Bayawan. And from the market it takes a few minutes walk through the market road till you’ll see the coast guard and the boat post at the end. Those boat are waiting passengers going to Apo Island. However if you are driving a car, it is 45 minutes ride from Dumaguete going to Zamboangita and 45 minutes motorboat ride to Apo Island.

Where to stay?

There are many beautiful resorts in Zamboangita and Dauin for you to stay after a day tour to Apo Island.  Check out the best rates.



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