All-in-One Travel Adapter with USB Charger

I happened to go to a place, a country specifically, that has a different power outlet shape than what I used to know and use in my own country. So naturally I scrambled to look for an adapter that is compatible with my cellphone, laptop and even my rechargeable DSLR camera. Fortunately, I saw this all-in-one travel adapter with USB charger in an electronics store.

What helped me most in times of my worries is that this adapter has different plug types. So whether the place I’m staying has rotatable pins, with two or even three-legged plugs, round or flat pins this travel adapter has got me covered.

Aside from that, what amazes me about this universal travel adapter is that it has a variety of outlets which allowed me to plug all my three electronic gadgets all at the same time. This made my day easier and more enjoyable, especially that I had to do other things than just worry over when would all my gadgets be fully charged. Imagine, all my gadgets got fully charged all at the same time!

But wait, there’s more! All-in-one travel adapter with USB charger lets me pack less and worry-free travel.

It’s practically doing more with less!

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